How to become transparent: a series of 6 attempts

Medium: Video performance

Description: A revised and reinterpreted version of the live performance How to become transparent: a series of 5 attempts in 2013. The performance this time takes place in different locations, some of which were public. This project stems from an ongoing research of the psychological effect of confinement on human beings. Transparency as I perceive in my work is a metaphor for the denial of existence; a transparent object loses its visibility yet it maintains its materiality and our knowledge of its existence. In this work, I deploy extremely tangible senseless methods to get rid of my body and all the baggage that comes with it; six different endeavors that intertwine and overlap. The reflective body, the blending body, the fragmented body, the silent body, the dissolving body the absent body, intermix and negate one another. However, the audience is not informed of the kinds of bodies I am presenting, instead they are left to wonder and assume.


A sample of the translated text:


I’m loss & I’m certainty; I’m the salt, I’m the base… I’m bitterness, I’m the bones, I’m the passive & I’m the world…I’m the scientist, I’m the center, I’m the seed & I’m the link…I’m the offended, I’m the offensive, I allow & I am the convenient, I’m patency…



2016    Bread 2. Darb 1718. Cairo, Egypt