Dust coloured skies

Sentient Sun Documentation-34.jpg

Dimensions: 2.5x6 m 

Medium: Installation and publication

Materials: acrylic paint on wall and markers on fabric 

Description: Dust coloured skies is a collaborative text and installation with Marina Fathalla. We started our conversation during a visit to Egypt together about our heritage and how we each perceive it. Fathalla as a 1st generation immigrant and I as an immigrant myself, we delved into the significance of the sun in our culture. In the process of our collaboration I came across a plant that does not actually require sunlight to grow, and it grows mostly in North America. The Monotropa Uniflora is a parasitic plant that does not contain chlorophyll, and instead feeds on nutrients from neighbouring plants. On the other hand, jasmines, which are a common occurrence in the Egyptian landscape, require so much sun and warmth to grow.

Other interests that we touch upon: sensorial memory, Seasonal Affect disorder and the ancient Egyptian myth of the Sun Barge

Exhibitions:       2020   Sentient Sun. Curated by Philip Ocampo and Rowan Lynch. The Hearth Garage. Toronto, Canada