Medium: Public intervention

Materials: linocut printed on fabric

‘Do not mind me…’ is a social commentary project; On August 27, 2016, I  @lamis_haggag scattered hand-printed notes with the sentence ‘#do_not_mind_me_i_am_just_passing_through’ around the 5 story art building #401_richmond in the city of #toronto.


The Zeidler family purchased that building in 1994 and Margaret Zeidler took over as President. Their aim was to keep the community spirit that characterized the building and to build on it. Upon my arrival to Toronto I went to visit the building not knowing anything about its history and I was stricken by how alienated everybody was around the building, I needed help finding a certain art space and no one seemed to know anything about it, when I finally managed to get an email I found out that the space did exist somewhere in the building but was temporarily closed for renovation.

On August 27th, I placed 111 notes around the building, mostly under office and studio doors. I then asked people who had not witnessed the event and from different cities around the world to hashtag and post about the happening. This project is a commentary on the contemporary setup that characterizes the art scene, one that is far from inclusive, especially in the case of Canada, a country that prides itself on welcoming immigrants.

© 2020 by Lamis Haggag